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  • 27 Ocak 2014, Pazartesi 02:14

(Special Report) Expert to students and parents"Holiday"Rating

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2013-2014 academic year by the end of the first half of the semester, students entered the holiday.

 2013-2014 academic year by the end of the first half of the semester, students entered the holiday. Guide to EliCork Ayhan teachers, students and parents in calling, how the passing of the holiday has warned.
2013-2014 academic year, students taking rationing went into half-year holidays. Of students who are weak in the report card Ayhan EliCork counselors who prefer not to worry, the parents and the children to behave well and to be physically react. Students complacency doors they not expressing EliCork,"the absolutely first conviction period worked very hard, effort showed, and this holiday until the end they deserved. Successful with all non-students this holiday deserve to have. Parents and students resort consciousness must act and holidays process with various activities should evaluate. Weak to Students who our parents definitely pressure should not. second period, weak courses will correct hoping to motivate them by to speak. Weak with our students certainly should not be upset. weak ones courses in the second semester will correct believing act calmly. Courses are good students too complacent expectations. these vacations process they are also a good judge the matter. plenty of books should read. families with their holiday activities prepare the matter. This may be swimming, camping might be visiting relatives can be. grandmother, grandmother visits, they may be important. Students, grandma, grandmother and grandfather, a significant number of places are. Their lyrics literally rests. parents on their children more disciplined and tough can. however, grandma, grandmother and grandfather and grandchildren, softer and more tolerant in a way they behave. That's why grandchildren children with grandma, grandmother, and grandfather of the remarks they mostly take into account them more love. they say, will lyrics speaking children more motivated will. This way the holidays evaluations are recommended. Holidays in the process of the sides are going to read books and poor classes where books by their elders get used to visiting. Their hands can kiss. Disadvantages over them threw discharge may be. positive things as well as charging vacation process should assess"said.
students stressed the need to disrupt sleep patterns in the EliCork, students must comply with the sleep patterns during vacation time, he said. To families who call counselors Ayhan EliCork stated, continued:
"Children on holiday we entered he definitely sleep patterns should not compromise. Normally or their hours delay the matter. Additionally morning during school hours to awaken attention göstersinler. Biological clocks'll change. Dining hours'll change. Nutrition schemes disturbing matter. Course work habits'll change. Changing into sleep pattern will be broken. eating patterns will be disrupted. Deteriorated this scheme at the end of the new academic year, more difficult and wearily will start. That's why holidays throughout the process of the old layouts on vacation should continue. different fashion definitely entering them."
" oppression and violence away from the house "
Ratings in weaknesses in the families of students who call EliCork the new academic year, students who are preparing themselves to motivate What to do should be said:
"Absolutely students not oppress need. physical violence, certainly, but definitely should not apply. you do something like that if you as an expert can tell you that the kids out of the house can be from parents, can get away from education and from school can get away. Such a behavior of the child more harm than good might be not to forget. Parents weak child against the positive and tolerance by acting achieve their belief that the children should show. Yeah, you can do it, you can do it by saying the second period, our children should motivate. these so positive we treat the case to him that we provide this motivation students have to study itself will promote."
" GREAT GIFT TO SUCCESS overshadow "
also parents pass beautiful children a great receiving gifts should be stressed that EliCork, that the gifts received children of expectations sokacağını, said:"Our parents report success in our children is definitely excessive gifts should they not. these achievements in a condition connecting the matter. Students have already accomplished their own success itself should appreciate that. Students in front of goal Let's put. that goal how close they and approach tends, if the original prize themselves in terms of know that would be advisable. Dei as we children rationing as a gift bike, tablet or mobile phone as a gift to get a child's success to reward instead will surpass. Children for these gifts to be successful you will want. these gifts to make will work. Such a wrong behavior may enter into. This not a healthy situation for our children,"he said.

(Special Report) Expert to students and parents"Holiday"Rating" comments for.


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