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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:56

Per Pass 12 Tgb'l of the US Military Bags Released

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US sacks per pass of the military in Eminönü Turkey Youth Union (TGB ), a member of the 12 persons were released by the prosecutor's office .

İstanbul news: Made a statement tgb'li in front of the courthouse \"Our hospitality we are known all over the world . We is a city hospitable folks stepped into the bosom of all nations in the world ,\"he said . Photo Eminönü yesterday detained the grounds that they participated in the action spend per sack of US troops 12 people , the purification of the query on safety morning hours was referred to the Court of Istanbul in Caglayan. Photo investigation prosecutors reviewed the evidence on the safety of the suspects Adam Meral \"No. 2911 on Meetings and Demonstrations and Marches Act opposition , simple assault and simple insult\"the rights of crime traded 12 people expressed their taking has decided to release on file from . while the procedures in the court of Photo suspicious including CHP deputy Suhayl Batumi also gathered in front of a group of court among others. Everyone in the group that meets at a Photo released tgb'li slogan was longing wrapped those released. made a short statement in front of the courthouse Photo TGB Chairman Cengiz Contemporary , \"This is a task for the soldiers to sack the head of the Turkish youth ,\"he said .
\"we have sent Actors with a big salute to all oppressed nations . After their comfortable no American troops on Turkish territory . They will not go around waving their arms in a comfortable way , \"said Cengiz , the US Embassy in referring to the words of hospitality statement continued:\"Our hospitality knows our whole world. We never stepped into a welcoming folks embrace all nations in the world. To interfere in the internal affairs of other countries is not in our state culture. There is a culture of solidarity to the poor ezilmişl us . But there them hills to stand upright in the face of bullies . This is our message to the US embassy. \"Photo Group in support of the CHP deputy Suhayl Batumi, \"These young people were doing what should be done . Cons Turkish people are hospitable, but always stood by the oppressed people , \"he said .

Per Pass 12 Tgb'l of the US Military Bags Released" comments for.


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