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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 08:47

Istanbul Stock Exchange, the Belarusian Mercantile Exchange Co-operation Agreement with the

Istanbul Stock Exchange, the Belarusian Mercantile Exchange Co-operation Agreement with the
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Istanbul Commodity Exchange and with the agreement signed between Belarusian Mercantile Exchange is aimed at increasing the volume of trade.

İstanbul news: Istanbul Commodity Exchange and Belarus Commodity Exchange of agreement signed with the trade volume is aimed at boosting.
Two exchanges of the members with each other to be made in trade facilitation and mutual constantly including cooperation agreements between the two countries trade volume aims to increase. Agreement Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İSTİB) on behalf of Chairman Zhou. Ali kopuz, Belarusian President Arkady Salikov Mercantile Exchange was signed on behalf exchange. İSTİB signing ceremony at the presidential building Consul of Belarus Igor Bely was also involved. In October, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belarus Mikhail Myatlikov and the accompanying delegation visited Istanbul Commodity Exchange performs a productive meeting and they stated that they İSTİB Chairman O. Ali kopuz,"In October, we took the seeds today arose. Relations our stock among our signatures will a cooperation agreement with the crowns are. Between the two countries exchange relationships of this level came to be heard express my satisfaction I would like to,"he said.
"Our relations will develop rapidly"
2013 in November, Belarus and Turkey relations both political, as well as sporty quite intense indicating that kopuz,"Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makey the beginning of November, the interview last week, the national team of our football match and the moment at the point exchanges between our cooperation agreement to be signed. bilateral contacts start of our over a month even before we caught the momentum I'm sure later in the process will continue,"he said.
kopuz he continued:
"My very favorite Belarusian proverb, 'Water on top with a fork to write' he. we sign this agreement, but the water on the forks do not write. Signatures will this cooperation agreement, our relationship how is an indication that we want to develop quickly."
"Our trade volume is not enough"
the volume of trade between countries, underlining that there is sufficient kopuz,"Although the last 6 years between the two countries trade volume 5.5 times enlarged, although this economic relationship volume of only 450 million dollars. these developments, despite the Turkey-Belarus trade volume potential well below one can argue that. because in 2012 our countries, bilateral trade volume below 1 percent . Now I repeat our countries potential we look at half a billion dollars approaching our foreign trade volume is not enough. We Istanbul Commodity Exchange as their field of specialty, our agriculture and food products, especially with this agreement, our relations to strengthen the promise are. Agreement both sides wish to be good,"he said.
Belarusian President Arkady Salikov Mercantile Exchange, the volume of trade between the two countries of the private sector in order to develop sustainable cooperation in Turkey said that they came to. Salikov,"Our stock of our eight years in operation a young stock Although 50 countries a widespread trade network reached. Belarusian Mercantile Exchange, Belarusian export companies to expand their markets and foreign investors in Belarus to attract operates. Spot market within the framework of Eastern Europe's most is a major commodity exchanges. electronic commerce trading anywhere in the world can do, thanks. $ 1.5 billion in 2012, our turnover. Belarusian Mercantile Exchange as of the moment, is hosting 700 companies from 57 countries, 12 thousand,"he said.

Istanbul Stock Exchange, the Belarusian Mercantile Exchange Co-operation Agreement with the" comments for.


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