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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:37

Ismail Turgut Orphan:\"Trabzonspor , Trabzonspor Chairman of the Board and the Campaign Against Lynching Available \"

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North Star Trabzonsporlular Association President Ismail Turgut Orphans, E You said those who implemented the policy of attrition over Trabzonspor Lateral strongly condemned .

Trabzon news: said a Photo Orphans, \"You E yesterday at a sports program , we strongly condemn those responsible for Trabzonspor of attrition policy over the lateral . is to cut the front of the goal Trabzonspor here . There have been good ones fear it will ensure the success of the staff are placed on Trabzonspor by certain groups . conscious supporters we should be one and together by coming into this game , \"he said .
ever stating that no one will have the power of Trabzonspor attrition and to destroy Orphan, \"Now that we will have a few questions on some sections . Ersun the years because of Lateral's case then moved to the headlines ? You E lateral passes per the National Team this blatant where were . when there is still the same Ersun Lateral Fenerbahce coach and Fenerbahce made ​​champion, was why silence-haze so-called moral defenders ? commonalities of the answers to these questions ; Trabzonspor is the attrition effort. But we want that the unknown that , no one's power Trabzonspor attrition to , not enough to destroy , \"he said. Photo Trabzonspor and noted that the attempted lynching campaign to Trabzonspor Chairman Orphans, \"Trabzonspor Management of whether our president all the authority in this regard , this risky decision taken by the President's then we would like to mention that we are not behind this decision as the Association of the North Star Trabzonsporlular . Although risky , though until a decision on the future of your inananlarda success. Trabzonspor , Trabzonspor Chairman is carried out against lynching and management . Trabzonspor who did not place in the program is trying to divide our community and calipers with fake news . This and that efforts like this , we will see in the counter . We we will include in our war with each other , we should be one fist against external threats. This and that efforts like this , because we party . Because we are the right and Trabzonspor tarafıyız , \"he said .

Ismail Turgut Orphan:\"Trabzonspor , Trabzonspor Chairman of the Board and the Campaign Against Lynching Available \"" comments for.


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