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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 16:15

In Roja Iron And Cem Behavior Animal Shelter Visits

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\"Yedikule Ascent Life \"series, players in the Roja Behavior and Cem Demir , Fatih Municipality's Yedikule visited the Animal Shelter .

İstanbul news:
Sequence shots of the Yedikule animal shelter costar Cem Behavior with visiting the famous engraving Roja Iron , in fact, coming here is very poor with a view facing predict that , but this had expected a sleeker said he found . , An animal that expresses Roja Iron , 3-thousand dogs with more than 200 animals where the shelter volunteers responsible Meral Olcay thanked .
Successful players Cem Behavior , if such organizations support that animals needed attention and care stressed the need to show .
sick and disabled animals in the shelter and deal with single Roja who spend about 1 hour with the Iron Cem Behavior , was difficult to separate from the animal shelter . Iron and Behavior , come to the shelter to all animal found on the plea .
The other hand, Behavior and Iron is Yedikule Animal Shelter also did not forget to donate . \"Yedikule Ascent Life \"series sonart media production company that has helped the shelter of cash .

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