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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:01

IMM Wraps Winter Preparedness

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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM ) , has completed its preparations because of the approaching winter.

İstanbul news: The statement made by IMM, against adverse weather conditions thousand 22 vehicles and will serve 4 thousand 781 staff working machine, stored in 209 thousand tons of salt , one thousand 385 tons solution was stated that kept ready .
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM ) , 2014-2015 winter season to pass without any problems and continue their preparations to continue in the normal course of city life. Extraordinarily , snow-ice and ponding to combat peer evaluation , planning, coordination meeting was held in the AKOM .
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General of the meeting held under the chairmanship Hacımustafaoğlu victorious ; Fire Department President Ali Karahan , Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department Turgay Gökdemir , Support Services Department Osman War, Transportation Department Adil Karaismailoğlu , Health and Social Services Department Muzaffar Sarac, IT Head of TOK, DCC Director Mustafa Akyuz , Train ISKI İGDAŞ İSFALT related principal and assistant with highways, Safety Traffic Control Branch , IDO , BEDAS representatives attended.
DCC Meteorology Expert Ahmet Kose, about how and Istanbul's climate is the weather in the coming winter months gave information to the participants.
road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department Turgay Gökdemir thousand 22 vehicles and machines with 308 interventions route and work to do against negativity with 4 thousand 781 staff in total of 4 thousand kilometers of road network , he said. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, created by 145 the responsibility of the tractor snow blower team headman did the division of tasks to open the way to their villages.
< Strong> 209 THOUSAND TONS OF SALT READY TO WAIT 209 thousand tons of salt in a Photo Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality store , 385 thousand tons of ready-made solution is pending . if needed, Road Maintenance and Repair Department facility has a production capacity of 2 thousand tons per day in solution . Critical intersections ready to stand against the remaining 50 accidents and saving and attractive way possible . District municipalities in 24 hours on duty and task teams will be kept ready . Districts will be supported by its facilities in case of failure of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality teams. Planned collection centers for homeless citizens living
street . Citizens, police , police, will be hosted by passing through health checks collected by ambulance . District municipalities in their area they identify homeless citizens will bring to the Municipality's guesthouse.

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