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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:23

Activists Validebag Brush and Shovel with Walked

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Protect Validebag with them and react to begin construction in the area near the mosque \"Validebağ the Governor \"to the name of a group of women who were walking with their hands held brush and shovel.

İstanbul news: Reacting to the residents of the neighborhood began construction of a mosque in the field next to Preserve Photo Validebag continues to act. Themselves \"Validebağ the Governor as\"naming neighborhood residents, Marmara University on Acibadem neighborhood gathered in front of the Faculty of Fine Arts . Slogans and neighborhood residents, then marched with placards in their hands and exchange. Some activists also swept the leaves on the road with brooms in their hands. Walking down one lane because of traffic . Support also came from vehicles moving in traffic to activists . Previously they expect activists from the front of the construction site , keeping watch in tents , threw slogans here . Theatre artist made ​​a statement on behalf of the Group craving Age man , \"We are not only a protect you in the trash , we have advocated an equal area we live with love. Your betonu this equation, are disturbing you with your lies and pillage . We are against are going , class stubbornness society creating your project at the single tree dallarıyız . your violence, your police , your peppy , although you fişeği we oppose , \"he said . the left front of the banners carried by police barricades Photo Hand activists, then ended their action without incident .

Activists Validebag Brush and Shovel with Walked" comments for.


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