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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:23

\"1 . Muslim Religious Leaders Summit of Latin American Countries \"

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Head of Religious Affairs

İstanbul news: Dr. Mehmet does not see, the recent incident of , stating that allow them to hear embarrassment in the face of Muslims in Latin American countries , \"this incident when constituting the west a great Islamophobia , lack of Islamophobia in Latin America is remarkable ,\"he said . Photo Religious Affairs organized by \"1 .Lat the United States Muslim Religious Leaders Summit \"began at the Conrad Hotel . Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan the opening of the Summit , Dr. Mehmet does not see, he joined religious representatives from countries in Latin America. Speaking at the meeting , Prof. Dr. Mehmet does not see, the world is passing through a difficult period of the Muslims all over and said, \"That's the difficulty , these storms subside is the prayer of all of us. But, again, they can be instrumental to open our consciousness . We have come together to establish Endless friendships. We Dertleş but do not intend to move our troubles to the places we go ,\"he said . Photo by Prof. Dr. Mehmet does not see, the Islamic world throughout history is expressed as four major embarrassment against the Muslim presence in Latin America, said:\"Our initial embarrassment against the ancestors of Muslims in Latin America against the Muslims who immigrated to this land, from Andalusia to the central government of the Islamic world any thing is that it is not. If we return , as we have them nest'their fate, what was'I've neglected to ask. the second embarrassment We belong to the close date . Muslim slaves collected from the African continent in the West's colonization and enslavement policies result were brought to this continent. instead of people to improve the West's own welfare place where we go with these brothers and sisters , unfortunately. third embarrassment that we have been dealing with our people who migrated to this land from the Ottoman geography. Muslim communities bearing the Alturko names were exposed to serious assimilation policies. after emigrating our this brother to these lands , we can not have them. Fourth embarrassment that we actually all humanity's common the embarrassment . He was taken away from the citizens , our Palestinian brothers who were displaced from their homes , they sought a homeland in different countries. Stolen homeland , the homeland of the Palestinians countries in Latin America , they make their home taken away from them . This persecution is still ongoing . A moment before the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinians we ask them to attain their own freedom. For years we failed to salve their wounds , the problem of humanity that continue to hurt our province today has remained insensitive. In fact, a fifth embarrassment also nice to have met later with Islam , Muslims in these lands . O Muslims also have many needs and problems. But we do not have the possibility of extension manually to these problems so far. I see this meeting for 5 centuries as compensation for the delayed meeting. \"The Photo Latin America mazlumiyet not see records that the lack integrated into the ruling system , \"This mazlumiyet state is a state encompassing everyone without distinction of religion in these lands. An otherwise material sourced from belonging to a religious crisis and it is not possible to talk about the prevention of religious freedom , \"he said .
Prof. Dr. Mehmet does not see, noting that this is not an excuse to ever occur unaware of Latin American Muslims , \"we live final event for us Latin America allows us to feel embarrassment in the face of Muslims in the country . Although these events occurred in Latin America that the United States and the West created a huge lack of Islamophobia Islamophobia in Europe is remarkable. We are the'West'we do not mean no time for Latin American countries.'Western'concept rather than a geographical description includes a position or attitude . These are the historical origins of the stance. Western colonialism , and capitalism itself has become wild symbols to people who like to impose a life , \"he said.

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